Order - A logical approach to an organized way of life

Order - A logical approach to an organized way of life


The arrangement or disposition of people or things in relation to each other according to a particular sequence, pattern, or method.


Characterized by clear, sound reasoning. Today’s modern life is more difficult to manage and in order to get through the challenges, you must at least have a navigational star, a clear direction upon which you are headed.

Time is never the issue, yet time is compressing. What this means is that we all have the same amount of time in a given day, and yet, no matter how fast or how organized we are, time seems to be condensing. Therefore, the answer can be found in being effective and balanced.

Order! Is a complete, yet simple, guide to help you better organize and manage your time. Order! Is necessary in this fast moving world we live in, so that one can be effective, gather information, act accordingly, and at the same time achieve balance and improve the quality of ones life.

Order! By it’s very nature is about priorities. Priorities are those goals that you place before other time consuming tasks in your life. Once you’ve defined the priorities in your life, your tasks will begin to take shape.

An interesting way to look at it is like a building. No matter how amazing the design of the building, without a solid foundation of orderly plans the building will not stand…or at least not for long.

Order! Is the bedrock upon which you build your foundation of life so then you are unencumbered by stress, chaos, and directionless actions in order to have the space, time, and freedom to be more fluid, easy-going, creative, and achieve more.

People by nature resist words like discipline, ritual, and order, because of fear. This fear that those words evoke speaks to a certain amount of planning and responsibility. That being said, to be a functioning individual, whether it’s your career, job, business, or parenting, requires a degree of order and discipline. Therefore, I have written an all-encompassing handbook to educate and enlighten the reader in not only the tips and techniques to bring order into their lives and business, but to learn by doing so, that the reward to living an orderly, organized, disciplined, and committed life, is in fact the doorway to more time, space and freedom

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